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"I appreciate ZanoDigital on so many levels. The team really helped me create my own sound. I'm happy to say that my album "Soul Ties" that was recorded, mixed, and mastered by them is doing amazing on many major platforms. Thank you Zano Digital for helping me go further with my talent." - TuTone


"I've been recording consistently with Zano Digital for over a year. Beyond the actually mixing/mastering he's helped me get back to recording after years. Helped me figure out ways to get better at my craft and really an overall better artist. He's been in the game for a minute and can work with anybody. I wouldn't have progressed as an artist or be about to drop my first project without Zanodigital "

Cortland Bell

"Real Down South Vibes. Quality all the way around and Zano carries years of engineering, rapping, and showing love to upcoming artist. Highly Recommend!"

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